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I picked up a new ECU, a Haltech Elite 1000 which was recommended to me as it is able to run the dual VVTI system on the BEAMS.

RA60 Celica wiring diagram

Altezza ECU wiring:

A lot of this is irrelevant as I’m wiring up the Haltech directly, but its good to have as a reference. Also I’m running ITBs instead of the stock DBW throttle system. I’ll also be using the onboard MAP on the haltech.

I also picked up an OEM Celica wiring manual.


And a set of Denso plugs for wiring up the Haltech


New seals, gaskets and belts will be fitted before the engine goes back in. I’ll also check the bearing clearances.


There are two different versions of this engine, depending on if it was mated to an automatic or a manual. The automatic version had a different cam profile, lower comp ratio and smaller valves, allowing it to to make more torque at a lower rpm, sacrificing top end power (147kw @ 7000rpm).


I’m going to be mounting the Haltech inside the glove box. first step, remove the dash:

The dash pad is in pretty bad shape, I am going to repair and Flock the dash

The wiring will be fed through this grommet under the passenger side 1/4 panel and into the bay at the main fuse box

I want the conversion to look at stock as possible so I want to avoid mounting the ECU in the engine bay unless I have to

The rest of the wiring will be completed after the engine is back together and in the car

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