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February Update

Ignition coils

most igniton coils are driven by an igniter, which recieves a firing signal from the Ecu.
Annotation 2019-03-26 004526

The BEAMS uses direct ignition with independant ignition. In this configuration an igniter is built into each coil. Each coil has four pins:

  • +12v
  • IGT
  • IGF
  • GNd


The IGT signal controls the primary coil current flow. This is triggered directly from the ECU.

The IGF signal is used by the Toyota ECU to determine if all of the ignition coils are working. If it detects a fault the ECU shuts the engine down. This function is not needed with the new ECU.


The coils I’m using are 90919-02239  from a 1ZZFE engine. They are the similar to the 90919-02236 that the engine originally came with, but are slightly longer.


Ordered new flywheel bolts [90105-12312], engine cover and return pipe

Picked up a TODA chrome-molly flywheel and clutch kit.

Checked bearing clearances for crank and big end bearings.

The big end bearings are within spec (0.025mm) as are the main bearings (0.038mm)

Engine is back together with new seals and gaskets. Also fitted a new timing belt (13568-74060)

The new slimline water outlet. firewall clearance isnt really an issue but I might need extra space for plumbing the heater tap. Also fitted new return pipe. I’m re using the original heater tap, and fitting a 90 degree barb fitting on the water outlet to feed into the heater. The outlet on the right is unused and will be blanked off

The next step is sort out the intake, and get an alternator, power steering pump that will fit

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