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May 26 Update

I measured the location and dimensions of the ribbing on the bonnet as I need to check if there will be enough clearance to close the bonnet. It will be tight but it looks like it will just fit. if it doesnt, i may have to modify the NS engine mount so it sits lower. the other option is to shim the engine crossmember so it sits lower but that would affect steering and suspension geometry

the M14 fitting on the fuel pump hanger was seized and in the process of trying to remove it I accidentally crushed the fuel line. This particular hanger was only used in 1985 RA65 celicas, so finding a replacement in 2019 is pretty much impossible. it is also out of production.

pump hanger (1)

My solution is to make a new fuel line in this configuration using -6 AN fittings. the hard lines will be cut off and a hole big enough for a 90 degree bulkhead fitting will be made. then a 5/6 barb fitting adapter will join it to the fuel pump. it will be a tight fit but it shoud fit back inside the tank without any issue.


Haltech state a 20amp peak current for each circuit, so I upgraded to 14 gauge TXL wire. This gauge wire is used for the relay block and the fuel pump wiring as AEM state a minimum of 14 gauge

The small fuse box I was using had a current rating of only 30A. I have bought a higher rated box and will be fitting it in the engine bay. I have also replaced the Denso plugs for the alternator and water temp sensor as they were damaged.

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