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September Update

Installed the Haltech in the glove box. I ran the harness through the grommet that feeds into the wheel arch. The grommet can be accessed by first removing the dash support bar, A/C condensor, then the blower motor.

When comparing the radiators from both Celicas, the RA60 radiator water inlet is on the opposite side which will be easier to plumb up, compared to the SA63 radiator which doesnt have much space between the water inlet/outlets

Using some off the shelf 90 degree hose sections I was able to connect it all together. The bottom radiator hose fits but has a slight kink so I’m looking for a better fit. I rewired the TPS and fitted new plug as the cable was too short due to the TPS being in a different spot compared to the old throttle

In order to get the prop shaft shortened, I needed to know how much longer the Altezza front shaft is. By sitting it in the box and measuring the distance between the centre bearing and the mounting holes on the chassis, I know how much shorter the prop shaft needs to be, which is 275mm.

The wiring is not yet complete, I have been updating a pdf of the wiring diagram with the Haltech pinouts that I have been wiring up as i go. I have also been documenting the parts of the loom that I have cut out or modified. I will be doing the same with the chassis wiring once that is complete.

I removed the clutch and power steering hard lines from the RA60 parts car to see if they could be used. The power steering lines are the correct length, but when comparing the RA60 and SA63 steering racks, the high/low pressure lines are switched. I am going to use the RA60 lines as a template for how to route the new hoses without causing issues.

I tried fitting the RA60 clutch hardware/The steel clutch line is a perfect fit, as the clutch slave on the 21R engine is on the drivers side, same as the J160. The rubber hose section was too short, I ended up using the hose section from my old ST141 Corona which was the correct length.

Fitted new twin 10″ cooling fans. The Celica did not originally have electric fans so I put together a cooling fan circuit. the fan will be controlled directly from the ECU (DPO2 V/BR on the Haltech)

I fitted a Sealing plate from SQ Engineering. This is a sandwich plate that covers up the area of the sump that I had to cut out so that it would clear the steering rack.

Hooked up the fuel return line to the pressure regulator. Also sorted out the PCV system. The vacuum line for the MAP sensor is also connected, but I need an adaptor for the brake booster hose.

I have replaced the existing fuel hose which uses a banjo fitting, to a M12 1.25 to 45° 5/16 barb fitting connected to the front of the fuel rail. The original setup was designed to be routed at the back of the engine but there was no room with this engine bay layout.

The next thing to do is to finish wiring up the body loom.

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