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This website is for my 1984 Toyota Celica. In October 2018 I started fitting a 5th gen 3SGE BEAMS from a toyota Altezza to the car, but could not find a lot of information online about fitting this engine to an A60 Celica/Supra. this site is to document everything involved for this conversion.

Getting started

The first task was to remove the old engine. With the old engine out we can compare the 2S and 3SGE BEAMS: Both are Toyota S series engines, albeit 20 years apart (1985 and 2005 was the end of each production run). They are both 2 litre (1995cc and 1998cc) and the external dimensions of the block are the same. This means that the 2S engine mounts and crossmember can be used for the new engine without any modifications. The 2S is carbureted so the fuel system and wiring on the car will need to be converted to EFI.

I converted the celica to manual in 2016 and am hoping to reuse the same W58 transmission. From what I can see the 5 speed gearbox can be used without having to change the gearbox crossmember or prop shaft. The mounting points on the engine for ancillary brackets are also the same but the alternator and power steering pump sit on opposite sides on the 3sge

This is the space I have to work with. there should be plenty of room apart from around the brake/clutch master due to the size of the 3sge manifold. The battery, washer bottles and heater piping will not change, but the power steering lines and reservoir will be moved to the passenger side of the engine bay. The 2s mounts fit and are lower profile compared to the altezza mounts so they wont cause any clearance issues.

The 2s bellhousing and sandwich plate are a match. There is one problem: This bellhousing places the starter motor on the wrong side. this is due to the 2s being an older reverse-flow design with the inlet and exhaust ports on the same side. This is not a problem in older gen 1-4 3SGES as they were transverse mounted and canted. For 5th gen motors the starter needs to be on the drivers side so there is enough room for the oil drain, headers, water lines etc.

It is possible to use a Y series bellhousing like the one above. the dimensions are similar but not all of the bolt holes line up so it would need to be modified. the starter would also require modification. Modifying the 2S bell is possible but a lot more complicated. If neither of those are possible I will look at getting a J160 (AZ6) 6 speed which originally came with the BEAMS

Latest updates

Miata Radiator Upgrade

While testing the engine I found that the radiator was leaking coolant from the core. I have a spare radiator but the top inlet is on the incorrect side. I had considered swapping the top tanks, but upon disassembling the radiators I found that the seals had deteriorated, and could not get replacements. I decided…

SA63 Light Conversion

While the chassis is pulled apart to do the rust repair, I decided to swap out the RA60 front lights and replace them with the pop ups from the white car. Due to the different shape of the pop up lights, some of the body panels have to also be changed, such as the bonnet,…

Idle and Cold Start.

Now that the vacuum distribution block is fitted, I can work towards getting a solid idle. It wont be possible to get the idle perfect while the base map is not fully tuned, but it is a good opportunity to make sure the engine systems are working as they should. Knock detection While I was…

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