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Spec list


3SGE BEAMS from Altezza, manual version with titanium exhaust valves

Haltech Elite 1000 ECU

Haltech Wideband (single) CAN controller

Modified sump for rack clearance

SA63 Engine mounts and crossmember

1NZ Alternator with SQ Engineering slimline bracket

SQ Engineering slimline rear water outlet

SXE10 starter and power steering pump.

Custom wiring, joining the 3SGE and Haltech looms to the chassis wiring, Haltech signal adapter for tachometer, Haltech idle control, 3 bar map sensor, AIT, oil pressure sensors

90919-02239 Ignition coils

RA60 radiator, 2x 12″ thermo fans


AE111 4AGE 20 valve 50mm independent throttle bodies

100mm velocity stacks from SQ Engineering

Sq Engineering ITB manifold for 3SGE

Pipercross air filter with SQ Engineering plate

SQ Engineering downpull shifter linkage for 50mm ITB

SV21 Camry throttle cable


RA65 EFI fuel tank with modified pump hanger

AEM 320 LPH E85 fuel pump

Aeroflow AN -6 inline fuel filter

SARD Fuel pressure regulator with SRA03 3SGTE fuel rail adapter


Flywheel: TODA CrMo Lightweight flywheel for SXE10 Altezza

Exedy Sport clutch for SXE10 Altezza

Transmission: SXE10 Altezza J160 6 speed (Aisin AZ6)

Shifter: Standard shifter with SQ Engineering shifter housing relocation kit

SQ Engineering J160 to W58 speedo drive

Prop shaft: Rear SA63 shaft mated to shortened SXE10 front shaft

Standard SA63 gearbox mount and crossmember

Differential: Live axle T series with 3.9 final drive

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