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Test Fitting the BEAMS

One of the first problems I found with engine bay clearance is the differences between the sumps. The 2s has two brackets that attach to the transmisson. On the BEAMS it is integrated into the sump, which is made from cast ally. The sump will foul on the steering rack unless it is modified.


The next step was to fit the motor with the sump removed to check clearances.

On the inlet side there is a bit of a tight fit, but I will be running ITBs’s (independant throttle bodies) instead of this manifold so that wont be an issue.

There is plenty of room at the front to fit new thermofans, even with all of the ancilleries fitted. the water in/outlets on the engine are also on the same side as the SA63 radiator.


With the exhaust header on there is even less room for a starter…


The headers will not fit over a starter, even if its replaced with a more modern type. The starter will have to move.


The firewall clearance is pretty good, running wiring and heater hoses shouldn’t be a problem

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