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Fuel System

The original engine in the Celica was carburetted, so to run EFI the fuel system needs to be replaced. EFI Toyotas of this era typically had a return fuel system, seen below.


With this system, a fuel pressure regulator is fitted to the fuel rail to maintain pressure at a specified value. Excess fuel is then returned to the tank via the return line.


The BEAMS fuel system is returnless. Since I im not using the factory ECU and fuel pump it will be easier to set up a return system using aftermarket parts.


I took the fuel tank out to see if it could be modified to work with fuel injection.


Due to the engine originally being carburetted, there is no baffling or fuel bowl. This means that during cornering the pump would not be getting a steady supply of fuel, leasing to surges. The solution is to use a fuel tank from an RA65 tank, which came with a fuel injected 22RE motor.


I am using a SARD fuel pressure regulator. There is an M12 plug at the end of the fuel rail. Once that is removed the fpr can be fitted by using the below SARD adapter and a 1/8 NPT coupler


This is the fuel pump hanger from an RA65 EFI tank that I purchased. The fuel pump will be replaced with another inline pump with a higher flow rate.

One high performance pump that might be suitable is this 340LPH In-Tank Pump from AEM


The diameter is slightly smaller but the total length and outlet fitting are the same.

ra65 hanger

The fuel filter, hoses, fittings and other pieces will be added to the system as I continue to build the car.

Continued here:

Fuel pump hanger

the M14 fitting on the fuel pump hanger was seized and in the process of trying to remove it I accidentally crushed the fuel line. This particular hanger was only used in 1985 RA65 celicas, so finding a replacement in 2019 is pretty much impossible. it is also out of production.

My solution is to make a new fuel line in this configuration using -6 AN fittings. the hard lines will be cut off and a hole big enough for a 90 degree bulkhead fitting will be made. then a 5/6 barb fitting adapter will join it to the fuel pump. it will be a tight fit but it shoud fit back inside the tank without any issue.


The parts I used are below:

  • AF413-06-05 – 90° Hose Barb 5/16″ to -6AN
  • AF924-06 – Bulkhead Nut -6AN
  • AF843-05 – 90 DEGREE 5/16″ BARB BOTH ENDS
  • AF411-06-05 – Straight Hose Barb 5/16″ to -6AN Female
  • AF178-06 – Viton Rubber O-Rings -6AN
  • AF533-06 – 90° Full Flow AN Bulkhead -6AN

I removed the damage pipe sections, and using a step drill bit enlarged the hole so the 90 degree bulkhead fitting would fit. It’s a bit bulky compared to the original setup but should still fit in the tank easily. The hanger still fits inside the tank fine. the 90 degree barb fitting is sitting higher that the original outlet but there should be enough space between the tank and the chassis for everything to fit.

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