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J160 6 Speed

After spending several months looking for either a Y series bellhousing or a J160 for sale in australia and finding neither, I decided to buy a complete SXE10 Altezza half cut. This ended up easier than trying to buy a gearbox, starter, ps pump and other required parts seperately,

It also included the prop shaft which I may need later. It also came with the 3sge engine loom, modifying the 3sge loom is a lot easier than making one from scratch.


When comparing the two side by side the ITB’s are a lot more compact which gives some much needed space in the left hand side of the engine bay. However the ends of the velocity stacks are sitting higher which might cause clearance issues with the bonnet.

When placed side by side we can see the difference between the W58 (right) and the J160. the bellhousing on the J160 is more tapered, which may cause clearance issues with the trans tunnel. The total length is the same, and the crossmember mounts are similar so mounting it to the chassis shouldnt require a lot of customisation.

I have labelled the 3sge loom so that I can start splicing it with the Haltech.

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  1. Hey Mate. I’ve got a j160 from a IS200 and wondering what bellhousing I would need to bolt up into my 3sge altezza.


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