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March 23 Update


I received the J160 shifter relocation kit from SQ Engineering. The location kit is required as the wheelbase of the celica is shorter than the Altezza, so when using the original housing, the shifter will sit too far back.

Fitted the shifter relocation kit. This will bring the shifter forward considerably and closer online with the w58 shifter. As mentioned in the previous post, it will sit about 40mm further forward. Compared to the W58, the throw is shorter but it is angled further forward.

With the old W58 the shifter was located in the centre of the transmission tunnel. with the shifter being moved 40mm further a small section of the trans tunnel may need to be cut. once it is all in the car I will know for sure.

I started modifying the sump. This is required for the engine to clear the steering rack. The sump is aluminium and is not a structural component of the engine so cutting the webbing won’t cause any issues. A steel plate will be fitted between the sump and bellhousing so debris cannot get inside and cause damage to the clutch and flywheel. This is just a rough cut once I know how much clearance I need I will make it neater.

With the modified sump fitted to the engine I tried putting it back in the car. One thing I did not account for is how far forward the sump sits. It is fouling on the front sway bar. The mounts are nowhere near lining up. The sway bar has been removed for now. I will need to get a custom sway bar made, as it will need to sit a further 80mm forward to clear the sump.

Test fitted the new velocity stacks to check clearance with the rest of the engine bay. One issue I can see already is that the fluid reservoir on the clutch master will foul on the intake once the air filter is on. If i can move the reservoir up by ~50mm it should clear. Bonnet clearance on the stacks may also be an issue as it does look close to touching on the webbing of the bonnet. once the engine is bolted in I will have more of an idea if it will be a problem.

The firewall clearance is decent, I will be reusing the original heater tap so I just need to plumb up the heater tap inlet to the coolant return line, and the heater box from the outlet on the head.

The pump on the left is the 3SGE power steering pump, the right is the original 2S-c pump. Both the inlet and outlet on the 2S pump are facing the wrong way, so I will be using the 3SGE pump. the outlet is the same thread type, but the original power steering lines are for a pump on the driver’s side of the engine. a new high pressure hose will be needed.

The clearance on the exhaust side is a lot better now that the starter and clutch slave have been moved to the inlet side. The Celica bay is actually larger than the Altezza’s, apart from possible bonnet clearance problems everything else should fit.

There is still a lot of components that need to be fitted on the intake side, but there is a lot of free space here. The Sa63 mounts take up less space than the more modern cast alloy altezza counterparts. I will be using a more compact 2NZ alternator from a Toyta yaris/echo which will save some space compared to the original 3SGE alternator and mount. The next step is taking the engine back out, cleaning the engine bay and starting to wire up the Haltech.

I removed the engine and started cleaning up the engine bay with some industrial strength wax and grime remover. I had considered getting it repainted but it came up pretty good.

Fitted the power steering pump and AC compressor from the other engine. The sump is not on yet, I still need to clean it up further.

For the engine to run, it needs an input from the throttle and a second input which acts as a feedback loop. This allows for the fuel trim to be adjusted depending on load conditions. the first input is the throttle position sensor which tells the ECU exactly how open or closed the throttles are. The signal for the feedback loop comes from the mass air flow sensor.

This sensor measures the amount of air drawn into the engine. This is mapped against throttle position sensor to adjust fuel trim. This works for a regular throttle body, but with ITB’s the velocity stacks are open to the air so it is impossible to measure air flow without a plenum. For this intake setup, a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor is used instead.

A MAP sensor monitors changes in the manifold pressure, which will vary depending on engine load. This value is used to measure intake air pressure. As this is measuring the pressure downstream from the throttle bodies it will work with the ITB’s

All four throttles have been plumbed with a vacuum line into a distributor block, which is then fed to the MAP sensor in the Haltech ECU.

The next step is starting to splice the Haltech loom with the 3SGE loom. once that is done the engine will go back into the car so that the 3SGE/Haltech can be joined up with the body loom.

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  1. Hi Michael, I am looking to install an Altezza Beams 3SGE and J160 into a TT142 Corona here in NZ next year. I have a SA60 with a 1UZ and W58 in it (sadly unfinished due to body rot) so I am familiar with the Corona floor pan. I am doing the beams swap to be a daily driver as the V8 fuel economy is a bit savage. Anyway, I note you mounted the Beams quite a way forward – is this due to using the Celica engine mounts or was there another factor at play? I will be fabricating mounts. I will use stock intake and ECU etc. My plan is to use SQ’s shifter relocation kit, flywheel close off plate, slimline water fitting and also 6th gear kit as I plan to use a 4.3 diff. I have a SXE10 Altezza daily driver and another as a donor. What brakes are you running and what tyre size? I am aiming for manual steering and I have an F series live axle rear from a MA46 that will bolt in. I’ve got some MA61 front struts but will upgrade the brakes I think. Cheers. Phil Bradshaw


    • Hi Phil, Engine position is due to the S series crossmember on SA63’s positioning the engine further forward due to using longer shifter housings on the W57s used with 2S engines. I am still working out brakes as I am swapping the engine out of my IRS SA63 into my live axle RA60. I will probably be using an AE86 disc brake kit as I am using a 3.9 final drive T series. Ill be using bigger discs and calipers on the front with the RA60 struts. Current wheels are SSR Formula Mesh 15×7, 15×8 with 195/55



  2. Thanks for getting back to me. OK, I was thinking of using S series engine mounts but will fab something up. Interestingly my JDM SA60 had a 1S and T50 with the standard 650 mm from bell to shifter. I fitted a MA61 style W58 with the same distance and it fit great with the 1UZ snuggled against the firewall. Still waiting on the Corona to arrive but messing with other projects in interim. Try an AE86 front sway bar (maybe a whiteline adjustable one) as it is different to Celica and may clear the sump. Are you worried about the strength of the T series diff and axles? Think AE86 brakes are quite different to Celica/Supra so dunno if they will fit that easily. I Frankensteined some struts for the Celica using MA61 casings, crown 5 stud hubs, JZA80 324 mm rotors and ST205 GT4 4 pot callipers – made laser cut adapter for callipers and 3mm spacer between hub and rotor. Welded BC adjustable coil over from S14 to casings and redrilled camber plates to suit Celica strut tower. Running 17×8 35P offset rims with 225/45×17 tyres. With SA60 bottom arms (shorter than MA61) and RCAs wheels just clear brakes. Tyres clear guards with camber plates all the way in and camber is sensible. Got manual steer but low scrub radius so steering weight is good. Will fit power steer arms to increase lock and quicken steering. Rear ended is 5 link live axle disc brake F series from Crown with couple of diff ratios and Altezza Torsten LSD. Brake upgrade to match front and coil over conversion next step but shell got too rotten. Swapped Celica mounts across. Cheers. Phil


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